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Clean Eating Tips for Better Rider Health

Most of us eat processed food on a daily basis. Even with the best intentions, it's sometimes hard to know what to pick up on that trip to the supermarket.

According to health and wellness expert Rose Reisman, clean eating is gaining popularity because it taking us back to the basics. It means eating food in its most natural state.

Rose shares 10 easy tips that can help us on the path to clean eating.

These less refined and processed choices can improve energy levels, stabilize blood sugars and make you feel full for longer. They can help you boost your metabolism, lose weight and reduce your risk for chronic disease. These foods are broken down more slowly by the body, which means you take longer to digest them -- this keeps insulin levels in check and body fat levels down.

Clean Eating Tips

  1. Load at least half your plate at each meal with an assortment of fruits and/or vegetables.
  2. Move away from the refined sugar-rich cereals into more natural whole grains
  3. Find new recipes for interesting grains and try to cook with wild rice, bulgur wheat, quinoa, brown basmati rice and millet.
  4. Eat steel-cut oatmeal more often.
  5. Use dried fruits, honey, maple syrup and preserves to naturally sweeten hot cereals.
  6. Include healthy fats, such as a variety of nuts, seeds, avocados and unprocessed oils. Healthy fats stabilize blood sugars and nourish all cells.
  7. Try natural nut butters, dry-roasted nuts and pumpkin seeds for satisfying snack foods.
  8. Have lean proteins with little or no saturated fats or trans fats at each meal. Egg whites, wild game, fresh fish, chicken and turkey, as well as legumes, such as chickpeas, lentils and black beans, are pure proteins that contribute to a lean body mass and a healthy metabolism.
  9. At the grocery store, the fewer ingredients on a food label the better. Shop the outside aisles to keep fresh, clean food in your cart. Once you enter the inside aisles, you'll find over-processed and highly refined foods.
  10. Set aside time and have fun cooking, rather than buying prepared foods - and enjoy the journey!